Visit Assisi with a tour guide. How and why!

Visit Assisi with a tour guide. How and why!

Visit Assisi with a tour guide. How and why!

If you are thinking of coming to visit Assisi but do not know where to start, in addition to all the information you can find in books or online tourist guides, you must definitely consider visiting Assisi with an official local guide.

Seeing a city through the eyes of a local tourist guide means having a cultural background not only made up of skills, but also of experiences.

How much time should you spend researching information, finding reliable sources and reading all the historical and cultural news before going to visit a city?

A very beautiful definition of culture that we like to remember is: Culture is all we are outside of what we know.

This means that to get to know the culture of a place it is very important to interact with the locals, ask questions and get answers that cannot be found on the texts or on the internet.

An official tourist guide is constantly updated. Even a place like the Basilica of Saint Francis, which has been studied in detail, sometimes reserves new interesting discoveries that very often are not published in any text.

During the breaks, the guide stops to talk with the locals, discovering anecdotes and secrets that he can then reveal to you during the tour.

To visit Assisi with a guide, there are many possibilities. From the classic half-day tour, where the guide will show you the main attractions of the city within the city walls, to the full-day tour to discover the secrets of external sites such as the Eremo delle Carceri or the Basilica of Santa Mary of the angels.

Another tour that is possible to do is the tour of the sanctuaries of Saint Francis, or a mixed tour between art and food and wine that combines historical sites with small tastings of typical products.

Let's not forget that Assisi is a small city and as such there are many small artisan workshops, from ceramics to printing to sculpture.

It is impossible to find all this information in a single text or a single internet page, but you can certainly find it in the cultural background of an official tour guide who can accompany you on a tour of the city.

If you want to visit Assisi with a tour guide, you can write to us and ask for all the information you need to make your visit to Assisi an unforgettable day.