Ciao Alessandra,
ho ricevuto la tua mail e ti ringrazio vivamente per avermi inviato quanto mi potrebbe servire per il prossimo viaggio che abbiamo in programma per il prossimo 5 e 6 marzo 2011. Quanto prima mi metterò in contatto con Marta e Gioia. I componenti del gruppo non fanno altro che continuare a complimentarsi con te e con me che ti ho scovato. Ti assicuro che saluterà tutti e che a tutti farà gli auguri a nome tuo. Le foto le manderemo al più presto. Ricambio gli auguri per le prossime feste e ti auguro tanta fortuna e felicità.

Ciao, Nicola.

Recipes for Christine and her friends for their ?Umbrian dreams? back home:

Gr. 300 ricotta cheese
4 tablespoons of sugar
Nr. 1 egg red
Coconut powder
Knead the egg with the sugar and add ricotta cheese with sugar + a coconut powder. Knit and make little balls. Then roll them in the coconut powder or in multicoloured cake-decorating sprinkles. Put the balls in the refrigerators (you can keep them even for two month) and eat cold.

Gr. 300 sugar
Gr. 100 butter at room temperature
Gr. 100 roasted almonds
Anis seeds
Gr. 100 raisins
3 eggs
Gr. 16 baking powder
1 glass of ?Mistr? liqueur
Spread the flour and mix it with sugar first, then add the eggs, the butter and the liqueur. Beat and knead until the dough is soft and add the roasted almonds, the raisins, anis seeds and the baking powder.
Make like little long strips and put them in the oven inside a long pot. Bake for 20 minutes (180C) and then cut them in slices of 2 cm. Toast them for some seconds.

They taste great with VINSANTO (dessert wine)!


Per tua info e feedback il gruppo è rimasto molto soddisfatto.

Michael Rawding

Grazie mille por una giornata fantastico. Anche USA 1- Algeria 0


We love Assisi and last visited it more than 10 years ago, before the earthquake, but this occasion was made particularly special by the attractive, very knowledgeable guide that managed to bring to life the history of the church, its art and of St. Francis most vividly. Then, the grand climax of the visit to the library- what and experience!..

I wanted to thank you for all you did for us with the wonderful day in Assisi and spello. it was a great time and we all enjoyed your company so much. The wine tasting lunch was perfect and all had a delightful experience.
On a personnel note, I would like to tell you that you made this day for me one I wont soon forget. Your knowledge and poise and personality brought so much to making the buildings and streets and shops and historical artifacts have a voice I would not have heard if not for yours. for this I thank you.
I hope that you were not too tired by the time you reached the coast. I am afraid we were quite greedy with your time. did igor enjoy his holiday? Did he have a sardine on his plate each morning? my cats were glad to see me when I returned home.
I will close now with a kind wish for your good fourtune and a thank you once more for sharing your day with us. keep safe.


Cara Alessandra !
Sono Christian, questo medico viennese che ha partecipato al gruppo austriaco guidato da Lei circa una settimana fa a Perugia ed Assisi ( quello con l’italiano malissimo !!! ;-)  ),
Mando tanti saluti da Vienna la ringrazio ancora una volta per le spiegazioni eccelenti e la presentazione perfetta di una delle più belle regioni d’Italia, è stato veramente un soggiorno indimenticabile per me e tutti gli altri.

Nancy, Wan - Hong Kong

How are you? Thank you so much for guiding us touring around in the city of Umbra..
Attached please find one photo that we have taken in one of the view spot in Umbria.
Best regards

The next morning we met Alessandra Pettinelli, one of our favorite guides in Europe. Born in Assisi, this remarkable young woman knows that we want to explore Umbria from the perspective of an insider. She also has the special sense to know just how much we want to linger and when it’s time to move along. [...]

If you need a guide, consider using Alessandra Pettinelli. Our travel agency - Cartolina Tours - failed to pay her, so she couldn't give us a tour. However, she was kind enough to show up at the meeting point and make sure that we knew where to go and how to get bus tickets to Siena. If she's that kind and helpful when she's unpaid, imagine how great she is when she's given money! (It's January 26th, and we're still waiting for our refund from Cartolina Tours, by the way.)

Christina A. Draper

Dear Alessandra

Thank you so much for your kind hospitality during my recent visit to Umbria. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and am looking forward to recommending the fascinating towns and villages in your area to our clients.
The unique combination of superb cuisine, breathtaking scenery and outstanding art and culture within the region will inspire us to write some interesting new itineraries.
Thank you also for looking after us so well; it was good to have the benefit of your expertise, and your kindness throughout.

Thank you again.
With best regards

Cerise Fukuji

Hi Alessandra,
Jackie and I are back home from our Italy trip now and I wanted to say hello. We had such a wonderful day with you seeing your town, having lunch and going on the wine tasting. You are an amazing guide! We can't believe our trip is already over :(
Hope to hear from you - take care.

Ted and Lyn Beckenham

Dear Alessandra

We have often thought about you and how much we miss our meetings and excellent lessons we had with you. We hope you realise that your lessons gave us a great surge in learning Italian as well as the very memorable social times. We miss this enormously.


Hallo Allessandra,

heute ein herzlicher Gruß von mir. Sie haben am Dienstag mit uns eine Stadtführung in Assisi gemacht, die besonders wunderbar war. Ich möchte Ihnen noch herzlich danken.
Alles Gute und bis bald


Hey alessandra;

Thanks again for the very nice tour of Perugia. We found it very educational and enjoyable. Enclosed are the pictures you liked. Hopefully you will be able to use them on your site.

And remember, there is room in the jet for you for the trip to NYC on Friday!

Morea & Tom Reid

Ciao, Alessandra
We did manage to navigate the car back to Perugia train station, thanks to your navigation instructions to exit via Perugia Prepo on the day after we parted company with you.  And now we are back in Australia, still saying to each other "Wasn't the  ........... we saw in Umbria amazing/charming/glorious/etc?"
We had a simply wonderful time exploring the historic treasures and hidden pleasures of beautiful Umbria with you.  The wealth of information that you provided and the detailed knowledge that you shared with us gave us insights into a culture that would have escaped us if we had attempted to explore the ancient hill towns on our own. 
Your company was charming and relaxed despite your need to "pace" the tour.  We hope that we didn't stress you too much with our constant questions about anything and everything Umbrian and/or Italian!
Would you please express to the owner and mother of that wonderful house under renovation how appreciative we were of the opportunity to visit it.  Marco Belanca also deserves our thanks for his part in enthusiatically revealing Gubbio to us.
As a result we have emailed Vian in Canada giving you the highest possible reference as an Umbrian guide.
Our digital images still await our-attention.  If we have captured any amazing images we'll email to you.
If you ever contemplate visiting our home city of Melbourne, we would be pleased to provide a personal (unskilled!) guide service--just let us know.
With our best wishes, many grateful thanks and love

Hallo Frau Kuper,

am Montag sind wir voller neuer Eindrücke aus Rom zurückgekehrt. Es war herrlich!!!
Vielen Dank für die gute Reisevorbereitung und den supernetten und tüchtigen Fahrer!!!

Die Wahl der Hotels war prima, allerdings sehr unterschiedlich.
Beilngries (Zwischenübernachtung Heimweg) war so gut, dass die Gruppe wenig Lust zur Weiterfahrt hatte. Die Betreuung dort war sehr persönlich, das Essen ausgezeichnet.
Das Hotel am Gardasee, das ich ja selbst vorher gesehen hatte, sah besser aus als es tatsächlich war. Ein Hausmeister sollte dort einmal einen Rundgang machen und das Inventar reparieren, dafür war das Essen super!
Das Clarhotel in Rom war für unsere Gruppe ideal, Hotel Abacus in Assisi ebenfalls.
Unsere Stadtführer Alessandra und Herr Hunke kann man wirklich nur weiterempfehlen. Sie haben uns mit soviel Fachkenntnis und Freundlichkeit begleitet, wie man es sich nur wünschen kann.
Wunderbar war auch unser Ausflug nach Frascati. Das Restaurant samt Abendessen war gelungen und als Überraschung trat noch eine Sängerin auf, die sich wohltuend von den üblichen weinseligen Gesängen abhob.
Bei der Papstaudienz ist es Ihnen sogar gelungen, unsere Namensnennung im Hauptteil unterzubringen und nicht im Vorlauf - die Gruppe war begeistert.
Das Allerbeste aber war nach einstimmiger Meinung unser Fahrer Robert Hagemann, der uns wirklich unglaublich gut betreut hat. Die nächste Fahrt kann nur mit ihm stattfinden! (Wahrscheinlich soll es in die Provence gehen, aber ich spreche Sie noch an, wenn alles konkreter ist.)

Bitte teilen Sie mir mit, wann ich die Gesamtrechnung erhalte, damit ich die Überweisung dann umgehend veranlassen kann.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus dem verregneten Bochum

Hi Alessandra, sorry this has taken so long to send. I know your Mom will be proud of her botanist. :-) Could you identify each of the leave for me. We had a great day with you. What a fun job you have. Thanks for everything, Happy

Nancy Arnold

I was going through my Cal Italy trip file and I found your email. I have attached the picture of you with "Campy" on our Cal Tour of Tuscany trip as well as a picture of Keith and me.  We so enjoyed the trip and your expertise in the local history. Happy New Year!

Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera

Ciao Alessandra
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful tour you planned for the Jorgensens and the Hughes.  They said it was a highlight of their trip and really enjoyed you as a guide.

Ihr Werner Prinz

Liebe Alessandra,

so liebenswert kann Umbrien sein, so lebendig und eigentlich auch so bunt, denn die Fotos habe ich im nachhinein schwarz-weiss gemacht, weil mir Gesichter besser gefallen, wenn sie nicht durch Farben "gestört" werden. Die Kieler Dante-Gruppe von Prof. Caso ist wieder gut gelandet. Wir haben so unendlich viel Schönes erlebt und gesehen, dass die Bilder mich noch lange beschäftigen werden. Jedenfalls träume ich noch jede Nacht "italienisch", höre die Sprache, erlebe die komischsten Situationen. Ich hoffe, genügend Zeit zu haben, alle Bilder und Eindrücke nachzuarbeiten, bei einer grossen Familie mit 13 Kindern und Enkelkindern nicht immer leicht.
Die beiden Tage, die Sie uns geführt haben, haben mir besonders viel Freude gemacht, das lag sicher auch an Ihrem schauspielerischen Talent und dem bezaubernden Lachen. Ich weiss gar nicht, wieviel Fotos man per e-mail durch den Himmel schicken kann. Ich fange mal an. Wenn Sie Lust haben, alle Aufnahmen, auch die bunten, zu sehen, kann ich gerne eine CD schicken, brauche dann aber Ihre Adresse.
Alora, herzliche Grüsse, noch einmal vielen Dank für Ihr Stück Umbrien