How to get to Assisi. Train or car and where to park.

How to get to Assisi. Train or car and where to park.

How to get to Assisi. Train or car and where to park.

How to get to Assisi. Train or car and where to park.

Are you thinking of coming for a vacation to Assisi or a one day visit? If you want to organize everything in the best possible way, including where to leave your car we can help you.
It's very simple, don't worry.
Assisi, despite being a small city, is very well organized as it attracts millions of visitors every year.
It could not be otherwise, given the great appeal that the city has in the world.

Anyway, let's not waste any more time, let's see how to get to Assisi.

Located in Umbria, the region in the heart of central Italy, it is easily accessible both by car and by train.

How to get to Assisi by car

Assisi from Rome
If you come from Rome, the best A1 motorway exit is Orte. After the exit you have two possibilities. You can take the direction of Perugia and take a slightly longer but more comfortable road, or continue towards Spoleto. In Foligno, follow the signs for Perugia. Exit at Santa Maria degli Angeli or Viole and follow the signs for Assisi.

Assisi from Ancona
Always coming from the South but on the Adriatic side (Ancona for example), it is advisable to exit the motorway at Civitanova and follow the signs for Foligno. In Foligno follow the signs for Perugia. Exit at Santa Maria degli Angeli or Viole and follow the signs for Assisi.

Assisi from Bologna
Coming from the north on the A14 on the Adriatic coast (from Bologna), the best way to reach Assisi is to exit the motorway at Cesena, then, with the E45 to reach Citta 'di Castello, then arrived at the Collestrada junction leave the E45 and take the SS75. Exit at Santa Maria degli Angeli and follow the signs to reach Assisi.

Assisi from Florence
The best exit for Assisi on the A1 motorway (from Florence) is Valdichiana, where the road enters the SS75bis that overlooks Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, first, and then in Perugia. Then arrive at Ponte San Giovanni, and proceed towards Assisi, c / o Collestrada on the SS75, exit at Santa Maria degli Angeli and follow the signs for Assisi.

Have you arrived in Assisi? Ok, let's see the best place to park.

If before Assisi you want to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, the most convenient and even free parking is right near the Basilica. From the road that passes at the end of the square of the Basilica, leaving the church on the left, there is the road that takes you to the parking lot. At that point, if you need, there are also public toilets.

Now, let's go to Assisi. Going up the only road that passes around the walls, there are four large parking lots. Important, do not park where it is not allowed, the fine is guaranteed even for only 5 minutes !! The center of Assisi is a ZTL area accessible only to authorized vehicles.

The first parking lot you come across is right under the Basilica of San Francis, at the second bend turn left. The car park is called Giovanni Paolo II. It is in the lower part of the city, so the tour of Assisi will be a little bit uphill, but when you leave the city, it will be more comfortable to take your car back.

The second car park is Mojano. Perhaps the most convenient parking. From this car park, via the escalators and a small walk through the alleys you will arrive in the city center in the main square.

Beyond Mojano there is the Porta Nuova car park. A large area where tourist buses also arrive that is located in the upper part of Assisi. Here too, via the escalators (currently under maintenance), and a short walk along a tree-lined avenue (about 200m) you will arrive at the Basilica of Santa Chiara.

The last large parking lot in Assisi, right at the top of the city is the Matteotti parking lot. Very comfortable and with three floors it is at the top of the city. This means that on arrival it will be comfortable to go to the center, but to get back to the car you will have to do a little uphill.
IMPORTANT!! From this parking lot, starts our small group tour of Assisi with an official guide!!!

How do you say? Do you want to come by train? Well, very comfortable, no problem.

The Assisi station is located at the base of the Assisi's hill in Santa Maria degli Angeli. From the station, you can reach the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in 10 minutes on foot. If you want to go directly to the center every 30 minutes there is the bus called Assisi Link (you recognize it is colored red with large white writings), which takes you directly to the center and makes various stops to be able to get off where you prefer.

From the station, if you like to walk, you can also reach the center on foot along the famous Mattonata. The road starts in front of McDonalds and arrives right in the center of Assisi. It's about 45 minutes uphill, but it's a nice walk with unique views towards the Basilica of San Francesco.

Before your visit in Assisi, don't forget to book a guided tour a Assisi with an official guide!!