Wine in Umbria. Tastings and tour of the Umbrian cellars

Wine in Umbria. Tastings and tour of the Umbrian cellars

Wine in Umbria. Tastings and tour of the Umbrian cellars

Wine in Umbria. Tastings and tour of the Umbrian cellars.

Umbria wine is known throughout Italy and is making its way around the world more and more. Surely the best known wine is Sagrantino, but there are many other varieties that each winery cultivates and produces.

The Sagrantino area, which is also the largest wine-growing area, is located between Montefalco and Bevagna, two small villages nestled on the hills of Umbria. Passing through the streets embracing these two beautiful villages, you will be able to enjoy magnificent views and unique colors that only the vine can do, especially in autumn.

Some of the best known wineries in the area have become their reference points for wine lovers. One of these is Scacciadiavoli, located between Montefalco and Bastardo, is one of the ancient cellars of the area. Another beautiful place with excellent wines is the Caprai winery, thanks to which Sagrantino wine has probably made itself known around the world.
Other wineries to visit are certainly Bea, Dionigi, Montioni, Di Filippo, Bocale and Lunelli.

In the Assisi area, although less devoted to wine production, we recommend the TILI winery. A small family-run winery that has made organic a lifestyle choice!

The Orvieto area, on the other hand, is known for its delicious white wine. Several wineries that overlook just outside Orvieto, such as the Cantina Neri or the Madonna del latte. If you pass through that area you cannot miss a little stop.

Moving towards Perugia we meet the famous Lungarotti winery. Excellent wines and a special welcome for everyone. In this winery it is also possible to have lunch and visit the museum of the historical family of wine and oil. In that area we also recommend Monte Vibiano Vecchio, where it is possible to go around the vineyards with electric jeeps !! Experience to try.

Now let's go to the Trasimeno lake. Here too, we cannot fail to taste an excellent white wine. Among the wineries we recommend to visit is Pucciarella and the Duca della Corgna.

Last but not least the wineries in the Todi area. Among all, if you pass over there, you can visit the Roccafiore winery or the Todini winery.

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