Trasimeno lake in Umbria. Nature and fun

Trasimeno lake in Umbria. Nature and fun

Trasimeno lake in Umbria. Nature and fun

Trasimeno lake in Umbria. Nature and fun

Lake Trasimeno in Umbria is one of the largest lakes in Italy. You can also spend wonderful days with the children.

There are several villages overlooking the lake, certainly the best known is Castiglione del lago, a small but beautiful village that you absolutely must visit. In Castiglione del lago you can visit the Palazzo della Corgna, a magnificent palace overlooking the lake.

Two other enchanting villages that you can visit if you are at Lake Trasimeno are San Feliciano and Passignano.

In Passignano, with the children you can enjoy a lakeside walk and entertain them in the park which is right next to the lake.

There is also the possibility of swimming, in fact there are several beaches. Among the best known of Trasimeno there is Zocco beach and Sualzo beach. On the latter beach you can also find a bathing facility.

You will have to dedicate half a day for a visit to the main island. You can take the ferry from different points of the lake and in about 45 minutes you can get to the island. For the little ones in September on the island, a beautiful event called Einstein's Island is organized.

There are many activities that you can do at Lake Trasimeno. From horseback riding, a bike ride, vespa tour, visit to farms, wine tasting and typical products, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, kite surfing and much more.

As for hospitality, around the lake you can find campsites, hotels, rooms and farmhouses. For all needs.

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