The villages of Umbria. Small pearls not to be missed

The villages of Umbria. Small pearls not to be missed

The villages of Umbria. Small pearls not to be missed

Surely among the best known cities of Umbria are Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, Spoleto and other places. However, not everyone knows many hidden corners of a beautiful Umbria. They are the villages of Umbria and small towns nestled in the hills of the green heart of Italy.

If you come on holiday in Umbria you cannot miss a visit to some of these villages, among the most beautiful in Italy. They are many, let's see those that we think are the most characteristic.

Let's see which are the most beautiful villages in Umbria:

  • Rasiglia
  • Bevagna
  • Spello
  • Acquasparta
  • Montefalco
  • Corciano
  • Castiglione del lago
  • Montone
  • Narni
  • Panicale

Surely, among the best known villages in recent years, Rasiglia cannot be missing. Rising to the fore for some years, the country is also called the little Venice. The nickname is due to the fact that inside there are the sources of the river Menotre that crosses the city.

By some art critics the square of Bevagna was defined the most beautiful square in Italy. A village in the Umbrian hills that is still very well preserved. It is truly a pleasure to walk through the narrow streets of the town. Once a year the village returns to the times of the Middle Ages with the historical representation of the Gaite, a festival of medieval crafts.

The city of flowers. Known all over the world thanks to the Infiorata, Spello is a small gem. All year round flowery and perfectly restored alleys will make you wander around in awe. In Spello we recommend a visit to the Baglioni Chapel in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore where there are frescoes by Pinturicchio.
If you want to visit Spello with an official tour guide, visit the tour Guided tour of Spello.

A village unknown to the most but which certainly deserves to be among the most beautiful in Umbria. A center of great culture, it reached its peak with the foundation in 1603 of the Accademia dei Lincei, which also hosted Galileo Galilei.

Mostly known for being the home of Sagrantino wine. In fact, among the green hills around Montefalco you can enjoy fantastic views with unique colors especially in autumn. Montefalco, located on top of the hill, overlooks the territory, also called the railing of Umbria. In the city you can also visit the museum complex of San Francesco.

Village of medieval origin is located near Perugia. Perfectly preserved, it seems to go back in time. During your walk in Corciano, don't forget your camera to photograph the alleys and the beautiful monuments that the village hosts.

Castiglione del lago
A pearl on Lake Trasimeno. The best known village on the Umbrian lake is truly delightful. Absolutely to visit the Palazzo della Corgna with the Fortress of the Lion that directly overlooks the lake. There are also many small shops for the purchase of typical Umbrian products, to try the bean from Lake Trasimeno.

Entered by right in the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is truly a small village to visit. Immersed in the woods of the upper Tiber valley, it is a perfectly preserved medieval village. Walking through the alleys of Montone seems like walking through history.

Nestled in the Umbrian mountains, Narni is a little gem. During your walk in the small village, you cannot miss a visit to Narni Undreground.

Another small town on Lake Trasimeno. Probably the best view you can have on Lake Trasimeno. In Panicale, a place of architectural wonders, you cannot miss a visit to the Collegiate Church of San Michele Arcangelo, with its Renaissance-style facade and splendid Baroque interiors.