The Marmore waterfalls. Routes, information and prices

The Marmore waterfalls. Routes, information and prices

The Marmore waterfalls. Routes, information and prices

The Marmore waterfalls. Routes, information and prices

One of the most evocative naturalistic places in Umbria. If you like nature and outdoor activities, you cannot miss the spectacle that this magnificent waterfall offers you

Don't forget your camera !!!

There are different routes that you can take, very well organized with signs and maps.

It is very important to check the opening of the water before you go. In fact, it is not possible to see the waterfall at all times, you can check the times here.

The paths that can be followed are the following:

Path n. 1 Ancient passage

It is a challenging route, just under a kilometer long with a vertical drop of 150 meters (travel time: 1 hour and 5 minutes, of which 40 uphill), and is the only one that leads to the top of the falls. You can take it from both the Lower Belvedere and the Upper Belvedere. Along the way you can admire the natural caves and walk through a tunnel that leads to the Balcony of Lovers, just below the first jump of the waterfall. A corner of paradise, set in the travertine rock, from which it is enough to stretch an arm to touch the waters of the Velino river in free fall.

At the edge of the Upper Belvedere is the Specola, a small panoramic tower built in 1781 by Pope Pius VI. From here you can observe the rainbow of the Marmore, a phenomenon that is visible when particular atmospheric conditions are created due to the presence of water vapor.

Path n. 2 Ring of the Nymph

It is a simple and short path that leads into the heart of the Falls (300 meters, with a difference in height of 40 m and a travel time of 20 minutes). The roar of the water and the unspoiled nature make it one of the most exciting. Starting from the area of ​​the Environmental Education Center in the Lower Belvedere, along a system of stairs and wooden walkways, you will cross a secondary channel of the waterfall, hidden among the rich vegetation. It is a small waterfall, lateral to the second jump.

Path n. 3 The meeting of waters

Another route with a low degree of difficulty but truly enchanting (150 meters in length for a vertical drop of 15 meters and a travel time of 20 minutes). This path will lead you to the lower part of the waterfall until you reach the bed of the Nera river. In this area, due to the pressure with which the water falls on the intermediate steps, an aerosol is formed which creates a habitat that is particularly rich in vegetation.

Path n. 4 The majesty

Also known as the Pennarossa path, it is the tourist route par excellence; most of the photos of the place, which you will surely have seen and admired, were taken from the lookout along this path. A degree of medium difficulty for a length of 500 meters separates you from the suggestive view of the three jumps of the waterfall.

Path n. 5 The cliff and the man

The easy 1 km long route, starting from the Upper Belvedere, has a flat course and develops on the edge of the Marmore cliff, offering breathtaking views.

Path n. 6 The wise laws

The path of about 1 km connects the Lower Belvedere to the Upper Belvedere and is suitable for expert hikers, equipped with trekking shoes because it has a bumpy and sometimes steep surface.

As for tickets, it will be possible to buy them online through the official website.

Summer is very hot, we recommend a hat and sunscreen. The duration of the visit is at your discretion. There are refreshment points and quietly, walking along the paths, you can spend the whole day there.

If you wish, it is also possible to be accompanied by an official guide from Umbria.