Perugia what to see in one day. Between art, history and chocolate

Perugia what to see in one day. Between art, history and chocolate

Perugia what to see in one day. Between art, history and chocolate

Perugia, the capital of Umbria. If you are on holiday in Umbria or you simply want to take a day trip and want to visit Perugia in one day, you have surely asked yourself: what to see in Perugia in one day?

A day to visit Perugia is not much, but with a little patience and good legs you can certainly see the main things of the city and get an idea of ​​the beauty of the capital of Umbria.

Arriving by car you have two possibilities.
Park in Piazzale Umbria jazz, where the minimetrò station is and take the latter to the last PINCETTO station. The minimetro is similar to an elevated city monorail, with children it is definitely fun.
The cost of the ticket is 1.50 euros.

If you want to get to the center of Perugia by car, the most convenient parking is Piazza Partigiani. From here there are the escalators to get to the center, directly to Piazza Italia passing through the interiors of the Rocca Paolina.

What to see in Perugia?

  1. The Paolina fortress
  2. Porta Marzia
  3. Priori Palace.
  4. National Gallery of Umbria
  5. Major fountain
  6. Cathedral of San Lorenzo
  7. Etruscan arch
  8. Etruscan well
  9. Abbey of San Peter
  10. Medieval aqueduct

The sites indicated are the main historical and cultural attractions of Perugia. During your visit, we recommend small breaks for tastings of typical products of the city.

If you are looking for a little gem of the city you cannot miss the Antica Latteria. Renowned for its handcrafted cream (registered recipe) you can taste it with a cappuccino or a croissant, not to be missed. It was awarded as the best cream in the world !!

If you like sweets, you can't miss a chocolate tasting in Perugia. You can try artisanal chocolate at Turan café. Also equipped with a small workshop, you can also see the processing of artisan chocolate.

Another typical product of Perugia is the Torta al testo. A cross between flat bread and pizza to be filled with cold cuts, cheese or vegetables. In the center there is the renowned TESTONE.

If in addition to history, art and food, you also like craftsmanship, and you still have time to get around town, you can't miss two places famous all over the world for their work. The Brozzetti textile factory and the Moretti Caselli glass processing museum.

It goes without saying that visiting all these beauties accompanied by an official tourist guide of Perugia is the crowning glory of a perfect day.